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"Simply amazing! Pickles loves his time there, and everyone loves to snuggle up with him. We're so grateful we have a safe place to send Pickles that's close to home too."

"This is a great place for your dog to socialize and get tons of exercise, whether for half or a full day. Staff are great!"

"My dog has been going there for 6 years. The staff is amazing and kind. She’s always tired when she comes home."

"My dog loves his time at doggie day camp. The staff take great care of the dogs and are very friendly. The grounds are always clean and very spacious which allows lots of room for the dogs to run and play. Love the fact you can book for a few hours to a full day. Highly recommended!"

"What a wonderful place! Huge grounds and staff are wonderful. I love that they post pictures on their Facebook page. Highly recommend this doggie daycare"

I love to travel with my dog. I was visiting from PEI today and made arrangements for my pup to play at the farm while I was downtown.

Upon arriving, the staff were extremely friendly and gave us a tour of the grounds. I felt confident that my pup would be in a safe environment with great caretakers.

Thank you Bowlin Farms! 

"I have nothing but amazing things to say about Bowlin Farms! I have 2 dogs that have been going there for years, and they always come home happy and tired.
What I like about this dog daycare as opposed to others in HRM is that it is mostly outdoors, where dogs can actually be dogs and not be confined to a concrete box where they are allowed outdoor bathroom breaks, then it's back inside. My dogs are high energy breeds, and Bowlin Farms is the only place around that has the space for them to run in wide open areas.
The owner and staff are an absolute pleasure to deal with. They are all extremely knowledgeable and care about the safety and wellbeing of all the pets. They even post daily videos and pictures on their Facebook and Insta pages.
Warning - since it is a mainly outdoor facility, your dog will come home muddy on rainy days. But my dogs love the mud! And I'd rather have a dirty, happy dog than a clean one any day!"

We absolutely love Bowlin Farms, although it's possible our 7 month old puppy Sampson loves it even more. He absolutely loves playing with other dogs (not to mention humans!) and BFDA is a great way for him to socialize and burn some of that puppy energy. There isn't a day when he goes to daycare that he isn't fast asleep in the car by the time we get home. If it were up to Sampson he would go everyday!

Luna loves this place! After moving from NL we had a hard time finding a place we really enjoyed that met our needs and then we found this place and haven't looked back! She always looks forward to going and comes home tired out every time! Staff are great with her and we couldn't be happier!

This is an awesome place. The girls are brilliant, Monty loves them all. They know every single dog, who likes who, who plays well with who etc and you get a report card when you collect your dog, how they were, what they did and so on. It has done wonders for Monty's confidence and social skills. He is beyond excited when he arrives and is usually asleep before I have left the car park! I would recommend it to any dog owner. Their Sunday socials are really fun too!

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