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We have been a family owned farm for over forty years, and our passion for our own dogs led us to devote a portion of the farm to our canine companions. Your pups can enjoy the fresh air while they socialize and play with their friends and burn off energy! We treat each dog as an individual, allowing them to adjust and become confident in daycare life at

their own pace. 


All new pups are required to come out to the daycare for an assessment.

All assessments are free of any charge.

Before attending please fill out our client information form, liability waver online. You will also need to provide a copy of your dog(s) up to date vaccination records from your vet.

Please send this via email prior to your assessment.


  1. All daycare dog(s) are to have updated vaccine records at all times,

  2. Vaccination certificate is to be obtained from your vet

  3. When vaccinations are due staff members will advise you of the upcoming expire date,

  4. Email will also be sent as a reminder to have the records submitted in a timely manner

  5.  Once expiration of vaccines has past your dog will not be able to attend until owner is able to provide a copy of the records updated.

    1. Example: Expired September you have until end of October to have everything submitted

  6. All records are logged into each dog(s) accounts,


Services & Pricing


Quarter   $23.00
  Half        $28.00 
Full         $33.00

Quarter Packages 

5 visits   $105.00 
(30 day expire)
10 visits $210.0
(60 day expire)
15 visits $315.00
(70 day expire)
20 visits $420.00
(70 day expire)

Half Package

5 visits   $130.00 

(30 day expire)

10 visits $248.50 

(60 day expire)

15 visits $355.50

(70 day expire)

20 visits $451.00

(70 day expire)

Full Package

5 visits   $153.00 
(30 day expire)
10 visits $294.50 
(60 day expire)
15 visi
ts $424.50 
(70 day expire)
20 visits $543.00 
(70 day expire)


  1. Payment due the day of visit in full before the end of the day (business hours)

  2. Cash, Cheque and Email transfers is only accepted (No debit or credit)

    1. Email transfer

      1. Password: “Dogs name” or “bowlinfarms”

        1. Once the password has been used, please do not change it at anytime. Once used it is logged into your dog(s) account.

      2. Note(s): Add day visited & Dogs name.



  1. One, two and three dog packages available

  2. Each package is available in Quarter, half or full day(s)

  3. Each package has an expiration date,

    1. 5 days – 30 business days

    2. 10 days – 60 business days

    3. 15 & 20 days – 70 business days

  4. Staff will advise of your dog(s) last day on the package the same day used.

  5. If purchasing a full day package, you are qualified to use 20% of the package for half days if needed.

    1. Example: 20 Full Day package will give you 4 full days into 8 half days

  6. All packages purchased are non-refundable

  7. Estimate(s)

    1. If your dog does not have anymore days on the package an estimate will be completed until full payment is received for a new package.

    2. If payment is not received by the end of the day (business hours) the estimate will be turned into an invoice and full payment will be due for that day.

    3. Full payment of the outstanding invoice will need to be made before your dog is allowed back to the facility.



  1. All dog(s) visiting the daycare need to be booked in with a staff member in advance.

  2. No drop-ins are allowed.

  3. All dogs need to be dropped off for the day before 2 pm.

  4. Dog(s) are available to book in quarter, half or full days.

  5. All bookings can be completed through phone, message, social media or website.

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