Bring your dog to the farm for socialization and exercise so they can enjoy the fresh air.

We have been a family owned farm for over forty years, our passion for our own dogs has lead us to

devote a portion of our farm to our canine companions.

Our love for dogs inspires us to provide the best care possible to visiting pups!

We treat each dog as an individual, allowing them to adjust and become confident in daycare life at

their own pace. 

Simply fill out our client information form, liability waver and provide us with a copy of your dog's up to date vaccination records. You can send this via email prior to your assessment or bring it along with you!

How do I get my
dog started?

Our assessments are designed to give us ample opportunity to discuss your dog's individual needs or preferences, while checking they'll be a good fit for the daycare!

You tag along for a tour of our facility, while your dog plays and gets familiar with their new surroundings!

What is an assessment?
Our Staff!

We pride ourselves in accepting dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes!

Staff are well trained and educated, all having previous experience and education based around dog behaviour or training.

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