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Here are some great video's taken of the dogs when they visit the farm!

All the dogs that ay on the Farm.

The dogs are all playing on our grass areas. This is there most favourite part due to they can tumble and be big kids and not get hurt. We are always there with them making sure they stay safe!

Puppies playing in the pools!

We have two pools for all the dogs to cool off on those hot summer days!

Remi & Winter in the pool!

Me and the dogs chillen on the grass!

As you can see I am always with the dogs! I play and hangout with them all day. That ensures the safety of your dog and makes sure they all are getting along!

Lucky & Mindy 

Lucky and mindy racing eachother around our large grass area where they love to play

Our back field adventures!

Here is our large field that we take our dogs on long walks, they love the adventure of the walks going through the woods and down by the ruver!

The doggies hanging out on a hot day!

Fun at the River!

This is where we go for walks sometimes as well. Here the pups are playing in the water and having lots of fun!

Carlie & Silk playing chase!

Shiolh meeting the Pigs for the first time!

Shiloh is one of our boarders. The dogs stay at our home keeping their routine the same as it would be at yours. This is where all the pigs and chickens barns are as well. The dogs love meeting them and see what they are for the first time! (They are a little scared though at first)

Lots of fun in the snow!

Murphy & Cleo playing!

Beau wanting the ball

Sam and all the dogs on our 2nd Walk on the Farm!

Carlie & Wyatt!

You can see in this video all our equipment we have. All the dogs love playing on them and basking in the sun!

Lilo and her ball

PLaying in the snow with all the dogs!

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