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Customer Reviews

Here we have givin you the chance to hear what our customers have to say about us and our facility!

Hope you enjoy what they have to say! 

Chrisitne Smith, Dory (Black Lab)
We bring our girl Dory to the farm once every few weeks when we have a busy work day so that she is able to run and play with the other dogs. We checked out a few other places and when we saw the farm, nothing else compared. It is clean, has tons of space for the dogs to run around and Sam and her team truly care for all the dogs. We instantly felt comfortable leaving Dory there and she comes home tired and happy. We highly recommend Bowlin Farms!

Jennifer Butler , Tidus (German Shephard)

We brought our German Shepard Tidus to the farm to try to work on socializing him with other dogs and work on his separation anxiety. When he first started going he'd jump and cry when I left, now if we even mention the word farm his ears perk up and he's ready to go! The excitement that he shows and the fact that he will go in and play without a fuss goes to show the care he gets while he's there. The girls have been nothing short of absolutely fantastic and their love for the dogs shows! Wouldn't take my boy anywhere else!

Caroline & Oliver Lyons, Dolly (Black Lab)

Our Dolly was with the Bowlin Farm family for 12 days! We returned to find her happy & healthy, she has 2 families now! So comforting for us to check in online to find pictures of her, playing & content, while so far away from her. Driving to & from the farm, she sings to her delight, in the back of the car! Can't wait to get there....sad to leave. So glad I found you, for our puppy, 

Jennifer Leanne Duffett, Penny

Good for dogs of all sizes and ages. So much land. Penny loves when we go to the farm.

Jill Whynot-Nauffts, Buddy (Black Lab)

This is a perfect place for your dog. I work all week and I take my dog here once a week so he can socialize with other dogs and have a chance to run and be free, he just love coming to Bowlin Farms Doggie Adventures. Sam you are great and Buddy love coming for his weekly visit.

Angela Steele, Hero (Black Lab)

A belated happy new year shout out to Samantha and Sarah at Bowlin Farms Doggie Adventures. I am looking forward to another year of Friday's (and some weeks an extra day or two) on the farm for Hero; almost as much as he is. He loves his days at daycare - characterized by an instant whine when he gets into the car that continues until we arrive. Samantha and Sarah are great - all the dogs get attention. Not to be left out, Hero loves visits from Samantha's mother and father who get more than their share of licks and jumps, I'm sure, but accept them heartily. The space is fabulous from the front play area with agility structures, to the side grassy area, to the field on the hill and of course, the woodsy adventure area with brooks that are awesome on warm summer days. Hero can play all he wants with the other dogs or just find a spot away from the crowd and 'supervise' or nap after a busy morning of play. On a really lucky day while walking the property, the dogs might come across some of the farm animals (on the other side of the fence of course). Hero literally fell in love with the pigs and I am sure never understood why they were on the other side of the fence. I could not be happier with the love and attention he gets from Samantha and Sarah but most of all, neither can he!

Sabrina Gilkie, Pandy (Pitbull mix)

LOVE this place, strongly recommend it to anyone! My Pandy girls gives it 4 paws up!!

Shelly Johnston, Button (Portagese Water dog)

When I got my Portuguese Water Dog I knew that I would want her in daycare at least twice a week as I work long hours. Bowlin Farms Doggie Adventures was an amazing find! I love the large open areas that can be separated if the need arises. Sam and Sarah love all the
dogs in their care and ensure that everyone gets along. They really get to know your dog and will offer suggestions/advise on how to correct unwanted behaviors or even let you know how your dog's personality is developing while in their care.
When Button first started at daycare she was reserved and didn't know how to interact nor initiate play. Now her personality has really bloomed and she loves playing with and "supervising" the other dogs. For an active breed, I love the fact that when she comes home she is exhausted. Often times she will put herself to bed at 8:30pm and not wake until my alarm goes off the next morning.
She loves the mornings that I put a jacket on her as she knows that means she's going to the farm. As soon as we turn onto Walker Service Road she is wagging her tail and pacing the backseat in anticipation of the fun ahead!!

Melanie MacAdam, Honey (Golden Reteiver)

Fantastic place to bring your dog. Very attentive staff and the dogs are supervised at all times. I leave there knowing my furbaby is in great hands. Honey loves to run and play and comes home tired from all the fun. Highly recommend!

Keri Kuhn, Baylie (Pittbul)

Amazing place to bring your furbabies!! Our Baylie cries with excitement at drop off and is always exhausted by the end of day!! The staff are fabulous, and knowledgeable. And the hours are super accommodating. Sam and Sarah go above and beyond to make sure your furbabies are well looked after, and exercised we couldn't be more pleased with the farm!!

Kelly Cool, Cool Dog Rescue

Love this place! Great facility where your dogs can have a great time socializing. Generous supporter of local rescues as well.

Keisha Pettipas, Jackson (Pointer)

Our boy Jackson has a ton of energy! Even though we don't need to board him, we send him to 'the farm' for a day of play! He comes back happy and exhausted which gives us a much welcomed break!

Laura Britten, Opie (Labradoodle)

Love Love Love Bowlin Farms!! Our 2 year old Golden Doodle, Opie, has tones of energy and he is always exhausted when he comes home!! He is so excited when he hears us ask "want to go to the farm?" He goes in circles at the door until we let him out and then races to the car. He can't get there fast enough! Sam, Sarah, and Brittany are amazing with our boy! We wouldn't think of sending him anywhere else! Thanks for taking such good care of Opie Doodle :) highly recommend to anyone!!

Mike & Allyson, Armani, Capone & Stewie

Our three boys love going to the farm! Lots of room to run and play outdoors in the fresh air, and obstacles to keep them busy! We love that we can see pictures of their day on fb, and videos too! Little stewie is the selfie king lol Sam and everyone at the farm are awesome and great with the dogs, our boys come home exhausted (which two of them being 1.5yr old labs is a great accomplishment as they have boundless energy)